Sunday, September 20, 2020
 Designing for Sonos 

Sonos came onto the scene and became a household name in what felt like overnight. They set out with a mission to “Fill every home with music,” and that they’ve done, with the company reporting having sold over 19 million products with a presence in seven million households worldwide.

With demand only continuing to rise, they’ve gone from being a relatively unknown brand to an industry leader in just a few short years. End-users quickly adopted the platform because of its easy setup, simple connectivity to iPhones and other smart devices, and moderate price point. But with all the pros, there seems to be one major con: aesthetics.

In some spaces, it’s easy to tuck the Sonos speaker into a shelf or a nook, but sometimes the design of the space doesn’t quite match the look of the Sonos. In thoughtfully put-together rooms where every item is carefully chosen to match a certain design vision, an off-the-shelf technology product can interrupt the style of the space—and even worse, the intentions of the interior designer and the homeowner.

While there is a time and a place for custom-tailored audio that is designed to perfectly match a room’s unique décor, it isn’t necessarily the right solution for every application.

While there is a time and a place for custom-tailored audio that is designed to perfectly match a room’s unique décor, it isn’t necessarily the right solution for every application. Despite efforts to steer clients toward more high-end speaker options, in the end, it’s their choice. But luckily, when they choose Sonos, it doesn’t mean that design has to take a backseat. There are a number of companies in the game now who are helping to deliver enhanced sound and style to the entire Sonos line.

One of those companies, Leon Speakers, is an industry veteran with a 20-plus-year track record of bringing a design eye to the AV world. While their own collection of speakers is known for having a discreet and design-friendly aesthetic, in recent years, they have expanded their product offerings to include technology concealment solutions for other manufacturers’ products as well, including Sonos.

Leon offers a number of products that were developed to complement and conceal Sonos speakers and amps, from streamlined mounting solutions, to hardwood cases, to their new Ente Series that allows homeowners to bring a more personalized and artistic aesthetic to the Sonos experience.

Ente SoundTile: Two channels of audio by Leon and a SONOS AMP hidden underneath a screen printed art grill.

Tonecase TcFIT

Soundbars sales are consistently on the rise with the SONOS PLAYBAR leading the pack in popularity. The Tonecase TcFIT by Leon is a sophisticated mounting bracket for the PLAYBAR that mounts it directly above or below the display, complete with a hand-stretched, acoustically transparent grill that is built to match the exact width of the TV. The TcFIT is available in two sizes to accommodate displays up to 90 inches diagonal.

Tonecase Hardwood Cabinets

In spaces with a more traditional aesthetic or where hardwood finishes and furnishings are present, it’s often challenging to find a way to integrate Sonos into the environment and have it blend in with the look and feel of the room. Leon’s Tonecase Hardwood Cabinets wrap the SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 and PLAY:5 in a solid-hardwood case that is available in a variety of finishes for a seamless match.

The Tonecase TC1S Hardwood Case around the Sonos One
The Tonecase Tc5S Hardwood Case around the PLAY:5

Ente Series

For the release of the new SONOS AMP last year, Leon worked closely with Sonos to develop a line of lifestyle products that were designed to be powered by it. The result is the Ente Series, a plug-and-play zone of Sonos that mixes art with audio to bring enhanced sound and style to any Sonos system. Comprised of three products, the Ente Series includes the Ente Sound Sculpture, the Ente SoundTile, and the Ente Soundbar—all featuring sound by Leon and power by the AMP.
  • Ente Sound Sculpture: The Ente Sound Sculpture is a wall-hanging sculptural piece that brings sound, light, and form together to create a dynamic entertainment experience. Wave-like, black and white Baltic Birch panels are interspersed between audio channels, creating a one-of-a-kind statement piece that adds both performance and style to the Sonos home.

  • Ente SoundTile: Art and audio in one, Leon’s Ente SoundTile may look like a piece of art, but behind the grill is two channels of reference-grade audio and a SONOS AMP. Chosen artwork is screen-printed onto a perforated metal grill, completely concealing the technology behind it. The Ente SoundTile can be customized to suit any décor and is a great piece for the home or in commercial spaces like lobbies and reception areas.

  • Ente Soundbar: While it’s often the goal for speakers to blend in, products like the Ente Soundbar are designed to keep the audio on display. Perfect for mounting below a TV, this Sonos-powered soundbar has a unique aesthetic that features a handcrafted Baltic Birch cabinet with exposed, raw edges and a stylized center grill.

The Ente Sound Sculpture
The Ente soundbar case

As Sonos’ popularity continues to soar and their product line expands even further, it’s up to integrators to find creative ways for it to exist harmoniously in the home. The message from consumers is loud and clear, though: they want sound and style, and luckily, there is a way to have both.