Wednesday, September 30, 2020
  Hoboken Haven  

Hoboken, N.J. is renowned for many things, but perhaps chief among them is its easy-access proximity to and picture-postcard views of New York City, just across the Hudson River. In this setting, Union City, N.J.-based integrator Serious Audio Video was tasked by its client to outfit a full-blown ‘smart apartment’ system, leaving absolutely nothing out in the way of whole-home control.

“This was a younger client, loves technology, and he was eager to have all of it,” Casey S. Johnston, Serious Audio Video’s president and CEO, said. “We had worked with the client through several projects and were given full rein” on what to include, as he was quite receptive to suggestions. The main interest of the owner that needed to be accommodated, though, was “music in every room! The client is a music buff, to say the least,” he noted.

And not just in “every room.” A salient design feature of the apartment complex was the roof deck. The client, of course, wanted access to both audio and video in that outdoor setting, and Serious was able to satisfy those requirements in addition to providing lighting control via Lutron’s Radio RA system for the exterior space. “Hands down,” said Johnston, that aspect of the project stood out as a highlight.

Working around other trades, and what Johnston said are the “duration that comes with new construction” were obstacles that his company was able to adroitly maneuver around, leveraging its 13 years’ experience in the custom audio video integration trade to act as a grand orchestrator. This integrator prides himself on being an expert manager of the other trades on the job, because “the bottom line is that the service we provide will have more interaction with the end user than any other in the project, once completed and handed off.”

  • Equipment List
  • Binary HDMI Cables & HDMI Matrix Switch
  • Elan Zone Controller System
  • Episode In-Ceiling Speakers
  • GE Security Glass Break Sensor
  • Honeywell Motion Detector
  • iDocx In-wall iPad Kit
  • KEF On-Wall Speakers
  • Kohler Bathroom Shower Speakers
  • LG 65-inch OLED TV
  • LaunchPort iPort iPad Wall Station
  • Lutron Lighting
  • Lutron HVAC Systems
  • Luxul Outdoor Wireless Access Point
  • Luxul Wi-Fi Controller Kit
  • Monoprice USB Cat5 Extender
  • OmniMount Enclosed Rack System
  • Seagate 6TB Hard Drive
  • Séura 55-inch Outdoor TV
  • SI Digital Multi-Zone Audio Server
  • Sonance Landscape Speakers & DSP Amplifier
  • Speco Technologies Mini Color Camera
  • Strong Wall Tilt Mount
  • Visonic Motion Detector
  • Wirepath 4-Channel DVR