Thursday, September 24, 2020
  Holy Home Theaters, Batman  

This Batman-themed home theater was one room of many in a large new home that Illinois-based Kole Digital integrated with cutting-edge audio, video, lighting and control technology.

“We came up with the ‘bat cave’ look the client wanted,” said Rob Kole, Kole Digital’s owner. It was a motif that he and his vertically integrated company - which also does acoustical panel fabrication and custom woodworking, via its Calabria Cabinetry division – carried out to the hilt.

No doubt, Kole’s degree in sound engineering and his avocation as a keyboard musician have played a major part in his company’s success at realizing his clients’ connected-home aspirations. “We have a very technical aspect for approaching every one of our projects,” he said. “We’ve completed over 400 home theaters. It’s what we do best.”

Lighting, almost as much as audio and video, plays a key role in the total effect of this theater, explained Kole. Lighting control is provided courtesy of a Vantage system. Bronze lighting illuminates the theater’s artwork as well as its entrance area.

A photo image of Gotham City was turned into wallpaper and used to fill the entire front wall, which is uplit and downlit with white strip LED lighting. The lifesize Batman and Joker figures to either side of the screen area stand on platforms also made by Kole’s company (with each platform doubling as subwoofer housing), and curtain ‘walls’ ring each figure and serve to direct the LED puck lighting illuminating them to wash the characters in light, for full dramatic effect. Arches over each of the room’s acoustic panels were floated slightly out from the walls so that blue LED lighting could be added behind. The bat symbol in the ceiling cove was also created and lit in this dramatic fashion.

There was also special treatment devoted to an original collectible – a Batman mask used in one of the films. It’s showcased in a custom enclosure which also contains photos from various Batman films.

The front stage was made to look like a city sidewalk, and the huge projection screen was mounted to look as though it was held by two floor-to-ceiling faux I-beams created by Calabria Cabinetry and painted to resemble rusted metal.

The grand concept that came to successful fruition in this project was to create a ‘wow’ effect for each person as they enter the theater – before the movie even starts.

But once the show begins, it’s the Paradigm Reference audio system, in tandem with the Sony 4K laser projector and 133-inch Draper screen – all of it managed with RTI’s control system – which takes over, to bring the entire experience full circle – to the delight of both the homeowners and their guests.

  • Equipment List
  • Anthem MCA-series Power Amplifiers
  • Anthem MRX-710 7-Channel A/V Receiver
  • Chief Projector Ceiling Mount/Ceiling Plate
  • Contech Mini Cans, Wall Washers and Pin Spot Lighting
  • Draper 133-inch Clarion Matte-White Screen
  • Paradigm SA-10R Reference Series Speakers
  • Paradigm Seismic 110 Compact 10-inch Powered Subwoofer
  • RowOne Evolution Black Motorized Theater Chairs
  • RTI Control System
  • Sony VPL-VW5000ES 4K Home Theater Projector
  • Tech Lighting Bridgeport Sconces & Monorail Track Lighting
  • Vantage Lighting Control System