Tuesday, October 27, 2020
 Inside the Delos Home

Humans have always had a profound relationship with our surrounding environments. Research shows there is a fundamental effect of the indoor environment on human health and well-being. Our homes especially can have either a significant beneficial – or detrimental – impact.

Now more than ever, our homes can be leveraged as both an immediate opportunity to enhance our well-being and as a longer-term, preventative health tool – with the potential for significant societal benefits. Through both technology and design interventions, we can directly address today’s public health challenge and foster resilience to help people be better prepared for the future.

Delos’ DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence network has been at the frontier of the home wellness movement. The DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform monitors, calibrates and activates indoor home environments, responding to changing conditions to help improve human health, well-being and performance. The platform is responsive and always on, passively analyzing and calibrating the home environment to help enhance the health of occupants. A first-of-its-kind system, DARWIN brings together a proprietary sensor monitoring platform and solutions across air filtration, water purification, circadian lighting and comfort features.

Indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoors, and research shows that air pollution itself might make people more vulnerable to viral respiratory infections or to have worse outcomes if they are already suffering from infections. Additionally, even with advanced water-treatment technologies, it is still challenging to ensure that everyone has access to drinking water that is free from contaminants. DARWIN incorporates air quality monitoring and purification that adjusts ventilation to remove allergens, particulates and pollution, and includes a three-stage water filtration system that filters the water for every tap and shower head.

 Improving Sleep Quality

Indoor living, including exposure to artificial light, can be responsible for disrupting our natural circadian rhythm – the 24-hour biological process that dictates our sleep-wake cycle – and in turn, can have a negative effect on our immune functions, comfort, mood, alertness and productivity. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now states that sleep deprivation is a public health concern. DARWIN’s circadian lights mimic the properties of natural light to help improve quality of sleep, mood and energy and is specifically designed to manage environmental disturbances and provide a wellness sleep experience.

Air and water purification, lighting, and other evidence-based wellness measures are not only critical to creating healthy environments, but more importantly, they help establish confidence that our homes are supporting our health and well-being. The holistic system integrates seamlessly into the home environment and can be customized to fit individual health and wellness needs.

Offered as a retrofit or as part of the new construction process, the system has been implemented across all price-points ranging from entry level volume homes, multi-family commercial buildings and luxury residences. To meet growing demand, Delos is partnering with premier dealers, installers, builders and other stakeholders across the globe to integrate the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform into residences, including HTSA Network (U.S.), KB Home (U.S.), Shea Homes (Arizona), 1371 Summitridge Drive (California), Villa Valencia (Miami), One & Only Mandarina (Mexico) Simonds Homes (Australia) and Lateral Estate (Australia), among many others.

Delos is grounded in over eight years of research, collaborations with leading institutions and a focus on improving indoor environments as a mechanism to improve health outcomes. This disciplined focus has launched a healthy building movement that currently affects millions of people globally. Delos has fostered leading research collaborations to introduce wellness standards, programs and solutions into the built environment. Most notably, Delos and Mayo Clinic collaborated to form the Well Living Lab™, the world’s first lab committed to researching the real-world impacts of the indoor environment on human health and performance. The lab’s ongoing research will continue to inform Delos’ solutions and programs as well as provide critical guidance to the public.