Thursday, October 1, 2020
  Little Italy, Oregon  

The owner of this newly built residence in Turner, Ore., gave Northside Homeworks the job of creating a fully automated home whose ELAN system had to be made to work in unity with a system in second home in Arizona and also with a system destined for a third house in the mountains.

"The owner calls this home ‘little Italy’ because of its Mediterranean look and feel,” explained Branden Pirot, custom installation manager for the Salem, Ore., integration firm that was tasked with making this across-the-board integration plan a reality. The mandate was that the residents be able to control everything in each location from each location using an ELAN app and that it be simple enough for all family members of this family-oriented owner to use.

The home features nine zones of HVAC – and luckily, said Pirot, “ELAN has a great climate interface, because that’s a lot of systems to manage. We buried all the thermostats back at the head end and made them accessible through the ELAN system.” That system also lets the clients view data that it tracks and keeps a historical record of about outside climate variations, temperature set points, and room temperature.

Stealth was the directive in terms of audio speaker installation, so everything is discreetly place in the home theater, as well as throughout other areas of the home. Even the TV in the living room is hidden away when not in use, masked with a family portrait that has been fabricated into custom artwork that silently scrolls up and down by virtue of Media Décor’s Elite Moving Art Screen technology.

The home’s lighting system is Lutron RA2, and QS wireless shades are found throughout, including five coupled shades in the living area.

A particular challenge met with precision and accuracy by Northside was the Lutron shading solution in the living room – “a thick panel connected shade with one motor driving the whole wall, essentially,” explained Pirot. “There was no room for error “ in measuring this extremely costly shading element, and after repeatedly confirming the measurements for accuracy, it was finally cut – “and it turned out perfect,” said Pirot.

Other features in the home that are also a testament to Northside’s attention to detail are the “his” and hers” bathrooms in the master suite. They are equipped with Séura mirror TVs which are complemented by mirrors whose hue has been exactly cosmetically matched to the color of the mirrors that are part of the Séura sets.

There is also a large patio area fully outfitted with video, audio and Wi-Fi, and the home’s surrounding landscape is watered through 20 zones of fully controllable irrigation.

“The client is very happy, and says everything is easy to use,” Pirot said - which is mission accomplished for a technology integrator.

  • Equipment List
  • ELAN g! gSC2 System Controller/gHR200 Remotes/gTP7 Wall TouchPnels
  • Paradigm In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Anthem AVM Processor and PVA Power Amplifier
  • Séura Mirror TVs (with custom mirror additions)
  • Screen Innovations 120-inch Black Diamond Projection Screen
  • SnapAV Luma Surveillance System
  • Araknis Networks Switches/Wireless Access Points
  • LG Flat-Panel TVs
  • Triad In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Aprilaire HVAC Systems
  • Lutron Radio RA2 Wireless Control System
  • Lutron Sivoia QS Wireless Shading Solution
  • Media Décor Elite Moving Art Screen