Thursday, October 1, 2020
 Technology For Art’s Sake 

Never are the skills of a home technology professional called upon more deeply than when that integrator is asked to incorporate systems into their planning that they have not designed, but that are integral to fulfilling the client’s wishes.

Such was the case with a longstanding client of InnerSpace Electronics, who was looking to upgrade the Savant-based system in his New York City apartment for the third time.

The new installation included 11 zones of audio/video, a Lutron QS lighting system, 27 Sivoia motorized shades, security cameras, and a home theater. Before proceeding with the planned installation, however, provision had to be made to accommodate a specialized lighting system for this homeowner, who was also an avid art collector.

“He has a great interest in art and in caring for and preserving it,” said Innerspace CEO Barry Reiner.

The choice to light his collection was Newport Flyer’s Fiber Optic Lighting System, which is specially designed for fine-art lighting. Since the system is DMX-based, InnerSpace needed to use DMX controllers and custom DMX programming to integrate the system into the apartment’s Lutron and Savant interfaces. InnerSpace was able to program the system’s dimming to zero percent so that the lights appear to be off; when the client leaves the apartment for more extended periods and wants to turn them completely off, the command was designed as password-protected and controllable from an iOS device, to minimize possible inadvertent staff errors.

This client - an avid music-lover and movie-aficionado - insisted upon listening and viewing experiences of the most exceptional caliber.

The media room includes a 4K Sony projector and a Stewart 123-inch screen, as well as a Classé surround-sound processor, Bowers + Wilkins speakers, an Oppo Blu-ray Disc player, and an Avid Acutus Reference turntable. InnerSpace was tasked to make these elements fade unobtrusively into the room – except for the turntable, which has a unique aesthetic and, at the owner’s request, is prominently visible for its artistic value.

InnerSpace also took great care with equipment placement. Although this apartment is as roomy as most houses, the client did not want to allocate any closets for the equipment, so the integrator designed a solution to install the gear in elevated pullout Middle Atlantic racks behind swing doors in a custom wall unit in the media room. The motorized projection screen drops down in front of the media cabinet – and there are built-in sensors to ensure that the screen doesn’t roll down while the cabinet’s doors are open.

  • Equipment List
  • APC UPS Power Supply
  • Apple TV
  • AudioControl 12-channel Amplifier
  • AudioQuest Fiber Optic Cable
  • Avid Reference Turntable
  • Bowers + Wilkins Speaker Systems
  • Chief Swing-Arm Mount
  • Cisco Network Speed Switch
  • Classé Surround Processor Controller
  • G-Technology External Hard Disk
  • IC Realtime Indoor/Outdoor Camera
  • Key Digital D/A Converter
  • Leviton Flush-Mount Plates
  • Liberty Cable
  • Lutron HomeWorks QS System
  • Lutron Sivoia QS Roller Shades
  • Middle Atlantic Rack System
  • OnQ Ethernet Patch Blocks
  • Oppo Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • Pakedge Router System
  • Panamax Power Management System w/BlueBOLT IP Card
  • Panasonic Phone System
  • Rotel Class D Amplifier
  • Ruckus Wireless LAN Controller
  • Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Savant Controller/Integrated Media Server
  • Savant Serial Control Module
  • Sonance Flush-Mounted Speakers
  • Sony 4K Home Theater Projector
  • Stewart Filmscreen Motorized 16:9 Projection Screen
  • Trufig Charging Dock
  • Universal Remote Control Multi-Zone RF Receiver
  • Xantech Infrared Emitters
  • Yamaha Speaker System