Thursday, September 24, 2020
 The Bond Between 

 Image and Sound 

Alove of extraordinary design and cutting-edge technology spurred a family spanning three generations in the planning stages of building a contemporary-style home to seek out the skills and expertise of the French integration firm MultiZone to fulfill their dream of combining the two under the sunny skies in the south of France.

MultiZone team took the approach of an “Image and Sound Architecture” concept for this prestigious Installation. One of the top mandates of this project was that it had to meet certain ergonomics and ease-of-use criteria for the customer’s family – a broad cross-section of ages who would be living there and having to use the systems. This meant that it had to be based on very intuitive technologies. “We had countless meetings with our customer to really determine what his expectations and his feelings were, until we all agreed to the final plans before execution,” explains the head of the MultiZone team, Jean-Christophe Davin, a THX-certified installer.

As part of this very ambitious project of a fully automated home, MultiZone focused on the integration of all audio/video systems, multimedia, lighting and shade controls, fire alarm and security systems, video surveillance, telephones, interphone VoIP, and infrared cameras in the overall design. The electronics for the home’s system are condensed in a rack, with all the cabling handled in discreet fashion, having been planned and built out at the early stages of construction. The vast IP network was powered by Cisco, and all controls are effected through wall-mounted iPads and iPhones for the utmost convenience of the home’s occupants. Various brands used in the project included Sonos, Yamaha, Waterfall Audio and Loewe.

 The 007-Themed Cinema Room 

Perhaps most interesting was the team’s ability to realize the homeowners’ desire for a private dedicated home cinema room based on a James Bond theme. It is, in fact, one of the most impressive rooms in the house. This 30m2 (approximately 320-square-foot) cinema room was designed following three specific criteria: aesthetics, acoustics and precise technical dimensions. Following a detailed acoustical study conducted by MultiZone, various solutions had to be developed to achieve the desired design without damaging the acoustics. Reflecting acoustical panels matching the décor were installed in the strategic areas, and a custom-made, sound-absorbing acoustical fabric panel was positioned at the back of the room featuring a “James Bond” print. The carpet was also custom-made with a special logo print, per the customer’s request. Fully automatic, cinema-specific reclining beige leather seats with vibration settings were installed, and even feature refrigerated cup holders.

A crowning touch to this theater is the superb Star Bright ceiling, complemented with blue LED lights in the flooring and design lighting fixtures throughout. For cinema sound, MultiZone chose the Professional Custom Series range from Waterfall Audio, for expansive, rich and detailed sound. Movie images are handled adroitly by a 120-inch Lumene acoustically transparent cinema screen, which hides the Waterfall Audio Pro Custom series speakers, and a 3D/4K JVC projector. Sound amplification is taken care of with a range of Yamaha Pro components, capping a cinema room that is perfectly suited to multi-generational viewers aged 10 to 82.

The living room also impresses in its design with fully automated lighting and drapery control. It is equipped with an Ultra HD 4K 84-inch Sony screen, which stands out as an art piece.

On both sides of the fireplace, audio performance takes precedence via Waterfall Audio’s signature speaker: Niagara – a luxury technology item designed in pure French tradition. The towers are of 10mm platinum glass, with unique, separate glass horn tweeters, special Atohm drivers for optimal sonic performance, a solid-aluminum base, and some technical parts enhanced with hand-stitched Nappa leather.

The Full 5.1 cinema system includes the Niagaras and other Waterfall products: Models Elora Evo and Hurricane. Sound throughout the home is distributed via a Sonos multiroom system, and all video, through a Zapitti media player.

The MultiZone team also chose Bowers + Wilkins for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and selected waterproof speakers and rock-shaped garden speakers for the outdoor areas. In the kitchen, and in all bedrooms, Loewe TVs were selected, for their quality and ability to be customized.

All in all, the home presents a mingling of top-level integrated technology in an unintimidating and easy-to-access format – and the owners couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

  • Equipment List
  • Waterfall Audio Pro Custom Series: LCR 300, SUB 600, SAT 150
  • Waterfall Audio Niagara, Elora Evo Center, Hurricane Evo
  • Waterfall Audio HF2-250 Subwoofer
  • JVC DLA-X7900 UHD-4K Video Projector
  • Yamaha P-Series P5000
  • Zappiti Media Server
  • Sony 4K TV
  • Bowers + Wilkins In-ceiling Speakers
  • Klipsch Rock Speakers
  • Sonos