Wednesday, September 30, 2020
 Vegas Lights 

If you’ve opened a single Connected Design publication over the past year and a half, you’ve likely come across our coverage of Eagle Sentry’s work integrating a massive, 32,000-square-foot home in the Las Vegas area. We’ve covered the home from just about every angle as Cory Reif, the manager-turned-co-owner of the integration firm, worked tirelessly on the project in order to meet his client’s requests.

Having visited the house two times during the early- and late-construction phases, we can tell you that there are countless nooks and crannies to this space, and every single inch of it is covered with technology. Each visit left us feeling infinitely inspired by the work of Eagle Sentry, but also infinitely overwhelmed with by the sheer amount of technology that the firm was able to pack into the space.

And now, nearly a year and a half after our first visit, the Vegas Lights home is complete.

We previously detailed the unique roll that Colorbeam played in the home—this being their most daunting project to-date. The entire home is outfitted with the Cat-5-based lighting system, which has its own challenges from an integration perspective. But, as Reif put it to us, he much preferred the ability to control the Colorbeam installation from end-to-end.

“We've had so many challenges working with electricians that are putting together DMX controlled lighting solutions that are not designed to work together. It creates this really complicated control solution,” he said. “We have many projects where it's very kludgy, and we're trying to bring it all together. And in the case of this project, we control that now. It's one superior technology that we install, and we integrate with. So we see that as a real benefit.”

Colorbeam stretching across every fixture in the home allowed Eagle Sentry to really craft a unique story from room to room, including up and down the stairwell in the center of the home—each step features an integrated LED lighting strip. And, of course, as an integrated solution, every single fixture is customizable, which Reif demoed during one of our visits.

 Super Sized Tech 

All in all, this Vegas Lights home might as well have been several projects smashed together into a single installation for Eagle Sentry.

“This is our largest project to date,” Reif said. “We have had a few jobs similar in size, but our Colorbeam RGB lighting fixtures, nine home theaters, four Barco/Stewart projection systems, and our three rooms of Fortress furniture put us over the top with this one.”

Add on top of that an insane wine cellar, an indoor waterfall, multiple pools, and outdoor shower, a rock climbing wall, a master bedroom with a car lift—the list could go on—and you’re talking about one of the most involved “single family home” projects that we’ve ever come across. Some other highlights include Crestron control with 42 audio zones, Lutron lighting and shading, five surround sound systems, and multiple weather-safe custom projection setups, custom dual-projection-screen enclosures, custom-built Fortress furniture, and more.

“It is rare that we get a client that is as passionate or maybe even more passionate about what we do as we are,” Reif said. “Our client came up with many of the ideas that are now really unique features including the 25-foot projection screen on the patio. He would dream it up and our job was to make it happen.”

The result of all of this is a home that truly reflects the very best of what Eagle Sentry and its manufacturer partners have to offer. And its implemented in a way that allows the client’s personality to shine through in every square inch of this home.

  • Equipment List
  • Barco Projectors
  • Colorbeam Lighting
  • Crestron Control System
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Fathom Subwoofers
  • JL Audio Speakers and Subwoofers
  • Bowers & Wilkins Architectural Speakers
  • Fortress Seating
  • Kaleidescape Server
  • Lutron Shading and Lighting
  • Stewart Filmscreen Gemini Screen System