September 24, 2020

Large-Scale Tech Meets Concierge-Level Service

A project full of technology intricacies was adroitly managed by Utah’s TYM integration team, whose choice of Access Network solutions was key to keeping the high-level installation on pace .

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Latest News


Nortek Security & Control Rebrands as Nortek Control

by Jessica Guyon

Nortek Security & Control LLC reintroduced itself today as Nortek Control. The change comes amid some sizable growth and innovation as the business evolves from a manufacturing-focused company to delivering technology solutions for its global customers. Nortek Control remains heavily invested in its roots in the security market, but now encompasses the company’s variety of brands…


WiSA Speaker Partners to Develop Products With Immersive 3D Audio

by Connected Design Staff

The wireless and affordable 3.1 system, retailing at $610, is a result of a larger technology partnership between THX Ltd., WiSA Association and Summit Wireless Technologies.


CEDIA Launches Career Center

by Connected Design Staff

To connect employees with job-seekers, CEDIA has opened the tap on the industry job search and recruiting pipeline with a new tool for jobseekers and employers: The CEDIA Career Center.


Helping Members Navigate a Pandemic, HTSA Creates New Support Programs & Resource Initiatives

by Connected Design Staff

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) is an industry international trade consortium of residential technology retail and custom integration specialists. Like many businesses in the United States, the organization found itself deeply challenged when the global pandemic disrupted business in early 2020.


Optoma Releases CinemaX P2 4K UST Laser Projector

by Connected Design Staff

Optoma has launched the all-in-one 4K HD CinemaX P2 ultra-short-throw (UST) laser projector: a next-generation model featuring 3,000 lumens of brightness ($3,299).