August 22, 2019

Tech on the Farm

A 1700s New Jersey farmhouse took on 21st Century whole-home automation without being unduly altered in its historic look.

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Tiny Smart Home Carries Enormous Message for Nationwide

by Rob Stott

In building a tiny smart home, Nationwide gave their members a crash course in how best to position the connected home segment. The experience can be both educational and wow-inducing for visitors.


Canvas Created a Soundbar-Stand Hybrid for LG OLED TVs

by Jessica Guyon

The Canvas Audiostand delivers real 3D audio and true Hi-Fi with a stereo image of 10-12 feet all while housing your LG OLED TV on top of it.


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A Yacht for All Seasons

Atlantic Marine Electronics (AME) demonstrates a textbook example of how canny planning can make technology a perfect fit in very tight quarters.


Technology with Transparency

Discover how Montgomery, NY-based integrator iQuarters was able to outfit the latest home automation features into this all-glass house successfully—and unobtrusively.


A Fusion of Lighting Design & Automation

This Boston Back Bay mansion was wired for high technology, harmoniously amalgamated with its retro design elements.