Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Little Goes a Long Way

In the April 2009 issue, The Little Guys, of Glenwood, Ill., was honored with CustomRetailer's Customer Satisfaction Award!

A Customer for Life

In the March 2009 issue, Gramophone, of Timonium, Md., was honored with CustomRetailer's Customer Satisfaction Award!

More Than a Retailer

The June 2009 issue of CustomRetailer honored Wilshire Home Entertainment, of Thousands Oaks, Calif., with its Customer Satisfaction Award!

Truly Impressive

In the May 2009 issue, Theater Advice, of Dallas, Texas, was honored with CustomRetailer's Customer Satisfaction Award! This feature began in June 2008, honoring custom integrators who have exemplified excellence in serving customers.The final award winner was featured in the June 2009 issue. Take a look at why Theater Advice is one of CR's award recipients.

Tough Economy Yet?

As I am flipping through my DirecTV news channels, I can’t help but notice the trend in today’s business news. News anchors and analysts can’t stop talking about how the slow housing market and increasing gas prices have dramatically affected our economy. As we begin 2008, some economists and business experts predict that conditions are growing even worse. A variety of factors contributed to the housing slump and the spike in gas prices, the majority of which are beyond our control. However, I firmly believe we have control over the future of the custom electronics industry, regardless of conditions in the rest of the

Positioning Your Business as ‘Green’ Doesn’t Require That Much of a...

This issue, we take our first close look at the “green” phenomenon and its impact on the custom electronics industry with our new section “Green Mind,” authored by the always capable, always thoughtful Janet Pinkerton. In the coming months, Janet will examine various aspects of the green movement and how they relate to your business. I’ve been around the CEDIA channel long enough to know that politically, custom installers range from the extreme left to the hard right. Heck, some of them are even middle-of-the-road. But although the environment and energy efficiency have traditionally been left-of-center issues politically (just count the number of times

EDITORIAL: What Does It All Mean for Custom Installation?

It’s been one heck of a week in the world of electronics retailing. Harvey Electronics and MyerEmco got engaged. Tweeter has been reduced to “Hey buddy, can you spare some change?” status. Over in big-box land, Circuit City, who’s been in need of some positive publicity lately to say the least, prevented a terrorist attack on Fort Dix, of all things. Perhaps consumers can buy some extended warranties from them just for the sake of giving them props. Let’s get back to the Harvey/MyerEmco and Tweeter stories, though. Each of these three companies has based an increasing amount of their business on professional custom installation services

Your Builder Needs Something from You, But Doesn’t Know It

A 48 percent cancellation rate was the new home construction industry’s dirty little secret in the first quarter of 2007. Almost half of the time, a buyer purchased a home, agreed upon a price, signed a contract, picked out a few options and initiated construction—and then actually cancelled the deal and walked! How does something like this happen? Take this example: A home buyer puts $4,500 down on a $450,000 home, but soon realizes another local builder has an existing, very similar spec home. So the buyer offers to purchase the other home if the builder comes down in price from $450,000 to $400,000.

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