Within my current role in a 32-year-old custom integration company in Dallas, we often place a call-to-action button (e.g., call for demonstration, RSVP for this event) in our email or web design to know if we’re being effective in garnering the targeted persons’ attention and desired action.

This article is intended as a call to action for all of us: We’d like to know if you’re on board. More is required from each of us in our industry.

OK, what got me going on this? Why now? A few days ago, I picked up one of those local-centric, shiny home magazines and was more than slightly amazed. The magazine was entitled (specific magazine omitted) “Design Book 2016 – Design/Build” with the subheading, “A Resource Guide for Dallas Design Professionals and Clients.”

Included in the cover listing of design-build community participants were the usual and customary disciplines. Yet – you guessed it – omitted in the listing was any reference to technology integration. My initial rationalization was that perhaps this was an indictment of our industry’s general reticence in participating (especially, advertising) within such a publication. However, towards the center of the issue was one of our competitors’ full-page advertisements. Then, the other shoe dropped: one of the categories included in this design-build issue was “movers.” Movers?

Perhaps you and your firm – whether supplier, integrator or service organization – are not as tenured as CEDIA (now about 28 years since formation). However, things such as this should give us pause when realizing we’ve been around this long and we’re still having to continue clamoring for notice. Given the number of beautifully designed homes in which all of us have been providing professionally integrated systems, our position in such a publication should be a no-brainer.